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UPCYCLED: Booti Bags Feed-bag, aka: The Booti Feeder


HELLO YOU SUSTAINABLE CREATURE YOU! I knew we’d find you; caring so much, smelling the flowers, watching the birds, hugging the trees, dumpster diving for sourdough.. WELL, HAVE I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU! Here we have limited edition UPCYCLED bOoTi fEeDeRs with a body made from saved and upcycled $$ SWAG $$ material. Heavy ripstop canvas, to be sure. ENJOY!

Feedbags fit onto your handlebars, one on each side of the stem, and let you carry extra stuff for your bike adventures (big or smol) in an easy to reach place! The bOoTi fEeDeRs have been on tours all around the world: Iceland, European mega tours, and all over the Australian bush. These doods will hold a 1L Nalgene waterbottle, a smaller water bottle with space for your phone too, OR exactly 12 muesli bars and an apple! Wrap-around velcro is provided for the handlebars and cord to tie the bottom of the bag around your headset or fork crown. Not fully waterproof, but your snacks will stay dry unless it’s raining heavily all day. See the soon to be released rolly-polly feeder for the rainforest rain or tropical cyclone weather you can’t wait to get into.

*To keep the construction at a high quality that’ll hopefully last longer than the swag did, I’ve used high grade new fabrics for the rest of the bag.